HYFY is a Chrome, Jira, and Slack integration which allows a user to record their screen, voice, and/or face and then share the results instantly.

I worked on the logo/identity, and then all aspects of the UI/UX such as the recording interface, settings screens, share screens, etc. But, because of the high level of collaboration and compromise, I’ve chosen not to share screens of the main product (HYFY) extension in action….

Enter: HYFY Meeting Recorder. Meeting Recorder sends a bot to automatically “attend” and record Google Meets (more services to come). Once the meeting ends, the Meeting Recorder user can re-share the entire Meet and even request a transcript.


Landing Page

The client asked for a simple landing page from which a visitor can quickly “get” Meeting Recorder, and then immediately try out the product. This was meant to be a quick simple experience; as more services are added, the site will be a bit more informative.


Meeting UI

The link below shows a few screens I created for before/during/after a Meeting Recorder meeting, including the little robot avatar which is based off the H in the HYFY logo.


Slack Integration

Meeting Recorder is meant to be as well-integrated into multiple apps as HYFY itself is. I studied the Slack’s bot API to determine which patterns fit best for Meeting Recorder, and created comps for the developers to implement.


Graphic and UI/UX designer at The Honor Roll

The Work

  • Identity work
  • Website design
  • UI/UX design
  • E-mail design

Viewing Screens in InVision
Some buttons link out to inVision prototypes or screens. View each screen using the left/right arrows in the browser, or interact the prototype where possible by clicking the hotspots (Use the shift key to see what areas are clickable, if any)