Junior.Golf is a platform for country clubs and pro golf instructors to build their junior golf programs. Designed to engage children in golfing, I helped to design an interactive iPad hub located in golf pro shops, and a companion mobile app made to be used on the green. Utilizing and extending the Junior.Golf brand, these apps were designed to be friendly, approachable, and informative. I helped to extend the experience to a web portal which allows both the students’ parents and instructors to keep track of progress.

The overarching challenge was to create a harmonious and engaging experience for all Junior.Golf participants as they interact with the program from their homes, in the pro shops, and on the green.


Mobile App (iOS)

The Junior.Golf mobile app was designed to act as a companion on the field for junior golfers aged 8 through 11. I was provided initial wireframes, and iterated on them with the clients’ developers. I had to ensure the app was first-and-foremost easy to use, and that the experience was neither too young nor too old for its audience.


Pro Shop Kiosk Tablet (iOS)

The “kiosk” app is located within Pro Shops. After playing or practicing on the course using the mobile app, junior golfers come to this app to log their scores. To further engagement, they can also see leaderboards, contests, and other events on the kiosk.


Desktop Portal for Instructors and Parents

Finally, the desktop portal is aimed for an older audience: the instructors and parents. In the portal parents can manage their junior golfers, in which classes they’re enrolled, and how their child is progressing. Instructors can keep track of their students and manage their classes.

The main challenge here was determining, arranging, and then styling the most appropriate components of an existing dashboard framework (UI/UX work).


Graphic and UI/UX designer at The Honor Roll

The Work

  • UI design (wireframes provided)
  • Illustration

Viewing Screens in InVision
Some buttons link out to inVision prototypes or screens. View each screen using the left/right arrows in the browser, or interact the prototype where possible by clicking the hotspots (Use the shift key to see what areas are clickable, if any)