In the new era of online dating, My Dance Card allows a single (we hope!) person to catalog their dating life and provides useful insights (average number of dates per x, % of time they kiss on first date, etc).

This app never shipped, but I’m including it because its skeumorphic look and feel stands out in a world of (relatively) flatter designs. This makes sense — the app is private and personal, which the design echoes through the use of texture and hand-drawn elements.


Graphic and UI/UX designer at Clutch Creative (formerly The Honor Roll) under creative direction of Jason Sugawa

The Work

  • UI/UX mobile app design and strategy

Viewing Screens in InVision
Some buttons link out to inVision prototypes or screens. View each screen using the left/right arrows in the browser, or interact the prototype where possible by clicking the hotspots (Use the shift key to see what areas are clickable, if any)