Team Secrets allows users to protect files (and text) with end-to-end encryption and customizable viewing permissions.

I worked with the client to implement, unify, and refine experiences for “Secret Creators” and “Secret Viewers" among the various forms of the product (Gmail extension, web experience, Jira add on (Team Secrets, custom text fields, custom fields).


Secure Fields

Team Secrets for Jira enables users to protect passwords, SSH keys, secret tokens, and other credentials right in a ticket.


Custom Passphrase

Here the task was to implement a password strength indicator into the existing share Team Secrets share dialog.


Graphic and UI/UX design at the The Honor Roll

The Work

  • Logo design
  • Website design (Squarespace)
  • UI/UX design and thinking
  • Atlassian and Chrome marketplace assets

Viewing Screens in InVision
Some buttons link out to inVision prototypes or screens. View each screen using the left/right arrows in the browser, or interact the prototype where possible by clicking the hotspots (Use the shift key to see what areas are clickable, if any)